The Ordination Institute provides scholars with the opportunity to earn their degrees in a non traditional environment in which professional instructors and professors are utilized more efficiently, where and when their skills are truly required.

Traditional institutions utilize instruction methods which intelligent graduates with proper course outlines and material can self manage. Our education style ensures graduate competence, and provides an uncompromising check and balance to aid in determining instruction and information deficiencies.

  1. Professors and instructors are responsible for and focused on teaching. 
  2. Intensive electronic testing is utilized to determine competency and Review Boards award degrees.
  3. Professional instruction, at your pace learning, and mastery of fundamental and advanced principles and best processes and practices of your discipline.


Our Faculty is focused on teaching
and our Review Boards on making sure you get it right.

Our goal is 96% competency and above

Your degree not only means something - it stands for excellence!