The OI Difference


Our faculty are focused on teaching
and our Board of Review on making sure you get it right.

High Standards - 96% competency and above.

Your degree means everything - it stands for excellence!



A Private Religious Education Institution

The Ordination Institute is a private religious education institution governed by the philosophies and sacred teachings of Jesus Christ within the Sacred Bible (the Books of the Saviour), Jesus' teachings within Matthew and Revelation of the Holy Bible, and the prophets and disciples approved and confirmed by Jesus. 

We embrace technology, science, and the open sharing and discussion of all knowledge and information.


Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

The Ordination Institute provides scholars with the opportunity to earn their degrees in a non-traditional environment in which professional professors and instructors are utilized more efficiently, where and when their skills are truly required.

Our education process ensures graduate competence and provides an uncompromising check and balance to aid in academic success.

  • Professors and instructors are responsible for and focused on teaching. 
  • Intensive electronic testing and research logs are utilized to determine competency.
  • Review Boards determine final grades and award degrees.


Transfer, International, and Independent Scholars

The future of education for a globally connected world is non-traditional online education institutions without borders, who issue universally accepted degrees, to ensure equitable compensation worldwide. Knowledge is the key to ensure global justice and equality, social and economic stability, and spiritual ascendance.

Transfer All Coursework

All relevant coursework from secular
and religious universities are accepted.

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International University

Ordination Institute is an international university, and accepts coursework from a global network of education institutions from the United States to Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

Research Course Verification 


Independent Dissertation

Independent Dissertations are accepted for review and defense; and the award of a degree within an OI program discipline can be granted upon defense confirmation by the Board of Review.

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